French Toast and Mimosa Cocktail

French toast and mimosa cocktail breakfast / brunch

The french toast and mimosa cocktail brunch is perfect for any special occasion, this delightful combination will tickle your taste-buds and delight your guests.  The French toast can be served with fruits and cream and will perfectly compliment the fresh light and sophisticated tones of the mimosa cocktail, and best of all they are both nice simple recipes with short preparation times.

Please refer to our sweet french toast recipe; this can be served with mixed fruits and cream to taste, or the accompaniment of your choice.  The recipe and instructions for making mimosa cocktails can be found below.


Simple and easy Mimosa cocktail recipe


1 x bottle champagne of your choice, chilled

1 x carton orange juice, chilled

Take a champagne flute and half fill with the champagne, top off the flute with the orange juice, equal quantities of each drink should be used. Stir the mimosa very lightly to ensure thorough fusion.

You can alter the ratio of orange juice to champagne depending upon your preferences, for champagne lovers’ use 2/3 champagne and 1/3 orange juice.

Serving over ice makes the mimosa even more refreshing, and garnishing the glass lends an air of sophistication, try using slices of strawberries or orange, or thin orange rind spirals.

As an alternative, try substituting the orange juice with mango fruit juice or passion fruit juice.


mimosa cocktail

mimosa cocktail

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